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Pink Ribbon Cookbook & Koronike Olive Oil Set

Image of Pink Ribbon Cookbook & Koronike Olive Oil Set


Learn how to reduce your risk of breast cancer (and other cancers) with our Pink Ribbon Cookbook. Comes paired with our heart and body healthy Koroneiki Extra Virgin olive oil. $29/set.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The Pink Ribbon Diet is a revolutionary diet and cookbook for any woman who has been treated for the disease, is at risk, or simply wants to optimize her health. Not only is this program more promising than conventional, recommended low fat diet, it is also an eating plan that women find more satisfying and can sustain for life!

Comes with a 6.8 oz of our Chilean Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil from Alonso Estates. Very high levels of squalene, (over 6200ppm) which is a known tumor inhibitor, and a-tocopherols levels of over 300 ppm (Vitamin E), this oil is a great choice for your health!

Let food by thy medicine.....