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Molto 21- An Exceedingly Rare Balsamic Vinegar!

Molto 21- An Exceedingly Rare Balsamic Vinegar!


We have fewer then 150 bottles available , each with a newly designed, hand-numbered label.

Our Molto 21 Balsamic from Modena, Italy is exceedingly rare. Made from hand-picked White Trebbiano, Albana & Montuni Grapes, which are naturally sun-dried and then cooked in heirloom copper kettles. Once reduced, the grape "must" is then barrel aged in a series of mulberry, juniper, ash, oak and cherrywood for several years. The result of our farmer's passion creates this limited edition balsamic vinegar.

Tasting Notes:
Our Molto 21 Balsamic is extremely complex, boasting flavor notes of cherrywood, raisins, Italian figs, hints of dark chocolate and malt. Serve with your finest cheese, fresh fruit, such as melon and berries, use as a finishing glaze for roasted meats and poultry, or drizzle on roasted vegetables.